We take care of protective treatments and brightening in addition to cleaning or removing stains on marble, granite and any other surface.....

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The 2-in-1 treatment
Antidirt treatment 2-in-1 for big surfaces or production line treatments.

Sealer and antidirt protection for honed, semi-polished, brushed, naturally split surfaces, agglomerates, Terrazzo, sandstone and limestone.
Covers the superficial stone pores and makes the cleaning easier, without forming anti-aesthetic plastic films.
Protects the surfaces Treatment which penetrates and covers the porosity.

Owing to its composition T COAT penetrates into the surface remaining on it at the same time.

Ideal for production lines where it is not possible to carry out further processing and for who needs to reach two results with the cost of one product.


  • Classification: Water Based Treatments
  • Yield: 1 litre for 10 -15 sqm