We take care of protective treatments and brightening in addition to cleaning or removing stains on marble, granite and any other surface.....

if stone could speak, it would recommend us...!

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The Massimo Piraccini Treatment, leader in the field of treatment for stones, was born in the seventies, where to meet the demands of applicators, marble and a protective products to new customers, it was necessary to go beyond what the market then brought .. .

So a winning team with an experienced chemist and an engineer applicator, began research to create hydro oil-repellent stain removers and treatments for shiny surfaces, natural stone, marble and granite.

This made ​​us the first and winning the national and international market, expanding a line of products that over time has become more and more careful and specific to the needs of the public ...

What sets us apart is not the only theoretical knowledge of chemistry, but a working knowledge of the stones, their characteristics, their composition and their different finishes, allowing us to recommend the most suitable treatment system and specifically, to experience the natural stone retaining their beauty over time.