We take care of protective treatments and brightening in addition to cleaning or removing stains on marble, granite and any other surface.....

if stone could speak, it would recommend us...!


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A confused and not well and clearly organized display stand is not as useful as it should be.

With our range of display stand your customer will always be able to take what they need, making the sales easier.
Our display stands come with half-treated tiles which show the final result of the product. With the supplied spray bottle the customer will be able to test the water repellence of the different surfaces.

The encumbrance of the display stand is almost none, since it measures 35 x 35 cm, so you can place it where you wish, not changing nor limiting your spaces.

There are 5 versions of display stands available: Fireplaces, Treatment for stone, Treatment for terracotta, Stain removers, Bathroom cleaning & care.
These versions allow you to offer the best care service to your customers, improving the after sales service much more that the usual display stands do.

4 Reasons to choose us



We offer prompt advice with suggestions and solutions after having studied the type of stone and the problem, also using your own photographic evidence, to be able to act more swiftly.


Our products last longer than others on the market and are not diluted for larger profits, thereby guaranteeing a greater treatment area than the competition. Furthermore, our products are simple to use and are not just appreciated by technicians, in that they do not need as many coats as often happens.


We dispatch nationally on the same day as the order, and within 24 hours internationally.



The high yield per litre makes the product cost effective, yet we also offer attractive discounts for volume purchases.