We take care of protective treatments and brightening in addition to cleaning or removing stains on marble, granite and any other surface.....

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There is a graffiti on:.

  • the marble or granite covering of my house.
  • the facade of our building.
  • the park benches.
  • the monuments.
  • the marble covering of our shop.

Before cleaning you need to be sure of the material you are going to work on, removing the graffiti: marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, cement… depending on the material you will decide what to use.

On all porous surfaces of natural stone it is possible to remove graffiti using the solvent based product REMOVER. This product is a gel which has to be applied by brush directly onto the graffiti.
REMOVER has to work max. 10 minutes and after that it has to be washed away with a strong water jet. Since the natural stone surfaces are porous after the cleaning you could still see the graffiti: in this case, repeat the cleaning with REMOVER.

In some cases, for example on travertine or sandstone surfaces, because of the material and because of the unknown painting substances of the graffiti, the cleaning could be not effective. In these cases, to reach the best result a mechanical intervention is needed, that is a water-sandblasting, so water and Carrara marble sand sucked up with a Venturi-System, that can be applied at low costs on every water jet machine.
In this way it will be possible to clean perfectly the surface.

After the cleaning of the surface you need to protect it with MGT 8, an anti graffiti treatment. This product covers the porosity of the surface, avoiding that further graffiti penetrate into the surface and making their cleaning easy.
If after having treated the surface with MGT 8 a new graffiti is made on the surface, you can easily eliminate it manually, using REMOVER, applying it by brush and removing the gel with a sponge and water. The sponge should be green with a yellow pad or a brown, red, white or green Scotch Brite. If you have a water-jet machine at your disposal it would take even a shorter time and with an even better result.

After removing of the graffiti we suggest to apply again MGT 8 just on the area that was cleaned with REMOVER.