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  • I have an absorbing natural stone floor. What shoud I do to avoid puttying marks or stains on the surface?.
  • I have a very rough, handmade terracotta floor. What should I do to avoid hard to eliminate puttying residuals?.
  • I have a natural stone floor that is very porous and absorbing. What should I do to protect it from working damages and building site dirt?.


To avoid problems with grouting residuals on high porous materials like handmade terracotta, porous sandstones, white or sandblasted limestone etc..
we recommend using the product PRESTUCCO This product has to be applied after laying and before grouting.

It makes the cleaning of grouting residues easier and also the final cleaning will be easy and effective.
With one litre you can treat about 10 sqm. Apply evenly by spray-gun on the whole surface before grouting.
Allow to dry at lease 3 – 4 hours. It does not create problems, since it is compatible with the following protective treatments.