Frequently Asked Questions

Colored stains
  • Coffee left a yellow mark on the polished marble of the kitchen worktop.
  • During the polishing process sawdust was left on the surface; while raining, water leaked in and now there are yellow stains on the whole surface.
  • The protective cardboard of the flooring got wet and now there are stains on the surface.
  • Red wine stained the kitchen worktop, now there is a rose-colored mark.
  • Cigarettes tobacco stained the marble of the fireplace and now there is a small yellow stain. .
Corrosion stains
  • Some acid descaler fell on the marble in the bathroom. Now there is a whitish spot and the marble lost its polish.
  • Some drops of perfume dropped on the bathroom top and now there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
  • On the bathroom floor, near to the WC, there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
  • On my kitchen worktop there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
Floorings that get dirty by pedestrian traffic
  • I have an honed, mat floor which has already been treated, but it still gets dirty, you can see the shoeprints on it!.
  • I have an honed limestone floor and in the walking area it gets dirty even if it has already been treated.
  • The sandstone floor is very hard to clean manually, with a cloth or a mop.
  • A porcelain stoneware floor gets dirty and is difficult to clean, even if it was told me that it doesn’t need any kind of treatment.
  •  A brushed porcelain stoneware floor gets dirty because of the pedestrian traffic: how is it possible, since it has no absorption?.
  • My bush hammered marble flooring has become impossible to clean.
  • My flamed granite floor always seems to remain dirty; you just can clean it with a cleaning machine or with an hydro-jet machine.

 There is a graffiti on:.

  • - the marble or granite covering of my house.
  • - the facade of our building.
  • - the park benches.
  • - the monuments.
  • - the marble covering of our shop.

Oil and grease stains


  • - Some oil fell on the kitchen worktop. Now there is a dark stain and near to the cooking stove there are some dark marks.
  • - My car lost some oil drops on the natural stone pavement and now there are some black spots.
  • - An oil pipe of a working machine broke and stained the external flooring with oil.
  • - The maintenance man dismantled a pipe of the sanitary installation and while walking down the stairs the oil stained them.


  • - I have an absorbing natural stone floor. What shoud I do to avoid grouting marks or stains on the surface?.
  • - I have a very rough, handmade terracotta floor. What should I do to avoid hard to eliminate grouting residuals?.
  • - I have a natural stone floor that is very porous and absorbing. What should I do to protect it from working damages and building site dirt?.

Tile joints


  • The tile joints of my flooring, especially in the kitchen, are blackish, dirty and difficult to clean