We take care of protective treatments and brightening in addition to cleaning or removing stains on marble, granite and any other surface.....

if stone could speak, it would recommend us...!

Discover the difference

gocceSolvent based products were the first developed products in the past and they have been up to now the most used by stonemasons and applicators.

In the years new laws and final customers’ requests have moved towards ecological water based products.

MASSIMO PIRACCINI TREATMENT started believing in water based products about 20 years ago, so that now its ecological production guarantees the same characteristics of the solvent based, with many advantages.

Here some of theme:

  • Easier to use than solvent based products
  • Treatments can be done even on wet surfaces
  • Not toxic treatments, suitable for household.
  • They can be used even in closed areas since they are solvent-free
  • Easy to be shipped out around the world
  • More difficult to be removed (solvents can be removed using other solvents)