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What is 3A?

3A is a universal anti-stain protective treatment suitable for an endless number of surfaces. It contains an innovative formulation that takes its cue from the silver ions used in a high percentage together with selected and modified raw materials to obtain more than the treatments available up to now. 

This new formulation makes it both an extraordinary protector with superior performance and resistance than the traditional sealers, able to protect against any staining agent, but also effective against bacteria and coronaviruses, as laboratory tests have certified.

3A should not be confused with a simple sanitizer or disinfectant, since it is  part of the range of protectors, creating a completely new category: universal advanced protective products with a broad spectrum of use and multiple protection. 

In this new category it is placed alone, in solitary, being one of a kind. Its composition makes it versatile offering the consumer safe surfaces with 9 specific features. 


Is it a traditional antibacterial treatment?


No, protective treatments for surfaces with antibacterial characteristics have been available on the market for several years. 3A is an evolution of these treatments that offers better protection and performance, being versatile on absorbent or low absorbent surfaces, polished or not. It also offers wider protection in relation to the agents and substances it is able to resist. Finally, it is an evolution considering that laboratory tests demonstrate its effectiveness against new enemies such as coronaviruses. Even if it is nor a disinfectant neither a substitute for health protocols, 3A is positioned within the stone sector, as an innovation both for natural and synthetic surfaces.


Where can it be used?


On any kind of natural surface like marble, granite, quartz, stone, composites, porcelain stoneware (gres), quartzites, any kind of agglomerate, on both polished and honed finishes. 3A concurs in making your environment safer, no matter what you need to treat: kitchen countertops, vanity tops, sinks, shower plates, but also floors and cladding. 

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We offer prompt advice with suggestions and solutions after having studied the type of stone and the problem, also using your own photographic evidence, to be able to act more swiftly.


Our products last longer than others on the market and are not diluted for larger profits, thereby guaranteeing a greater treatment area than the competition. Furthermore, our products are simple to use and are not just appreciated by technicians, in that they do not need as many coats as often happens.


We dispatch nationally on the same day as the order, and within 24 hours internationally.


The high yield per litre makes the product cost effective, yet we also offer attractive discounts for volume purchases.

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