• I have an absorbing natural stone floor. What shoud I do to avoid grouting marks or stains on the surface?
  • I have a very rough, handmade terracotta floor. What should I do to avoid hard to eliminate grouting residuals?
  • I have a natural stone floor that is very porous and absorbing. What should I do to protect it from working damages and building site dirt?

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Oil and grease stains

  • Some oil fell on the kitchen worktop. Now there is a dark stain and near to the cooking stove there are some dark marks.
  • My car lost some oil drops on the natural stone floor and now there are some black spots.
  • An oil pipe of a working machine broke and stained the external flooring with oil.
  • The maintenance man dismantled a pipe of the sanitary installation and while walking down the stairs the oil stained them 



Any kind of natural stone, granite, limestone, agglomerate, concrete and terracotta has its absorbtion degree. If the surface is not treated with high quality protectors and an oily or greasy substance spills on the surface it will jeopardise the beauty of the surface almost in all cases.  
You may solve the problem with the following application: 

  • Take the product MGP 2 shake well and pour onto the stain, 2-3 cm out of the borders of it. 
  • MGP 2 should be applied on a surface bigger than the stain.
  • Allow to act for a few hours, depending on the temperature.

MGP 2 is a grey creamy substance; when it becomes a white powder, after 10-15 hours, it has finished to act and should be eliminated with a cloth.                                  
If a mark is still visible repeat the application until complete cleaning.  
If the color of the surface looks lighter after the application of MGP 2 it is due to the full cleaning of the surface.  To have an even surface clean the whole area with MGP 25 or apply MGP 2 on the whole area. The surface will be so clean and ready to be treated. 


There is a graffiti on:.

  • the marble or granite covering of my house.
  • the facade of our building.
  • the park benches.
  • the monuments.
  • the marble covering of our shop.

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Floors getting dirty by foot traffic

  • - I have an honed, mat floor which has already been treated, but it still gets dirty, you can see the shoeprints on it!
  • - I have an honed limestone floor and in the walking area it gets dirty even if it has already been treated.
  • - The sandstone floor is very hard to clean manually, with a cloth or a mop.
  • - A porcelain stoneware floor gets dirty and is difficult to clean, even if it was told me that it doesn’t need any kind of treatment.
  • - A brushed porcelain stoneware floor gets dirty because of the foot traffic: how is it possible, since it has no absorption?.
  • - My bush hammered marble flooring has become impossible to clean.
  • - My flamed granite floor always seems to bedirty; you just can clean it with a cleaning machine or with an hydro-jet machine.


Natural stone surfaces, sandstone, limestone, granite, unpolished marble, present a superficial porosity which holds back the dirt, that can be also caused just by walking on it. This happens not only on natural stone surfaces, but especially on brushed or rough porcelain stoneware, and on light colored surfaces, where generally dirt comes from shoeprints, bike wheels, shopping carts etc.

Even if floorings have been treated with anti stain sealers or water repellents the above mentioned materials remain porous and therefore they hold back the dirt in its superficial pores, while liquid dirt substances would not penetrate into the treated stone.

The cleaning of the surface depends on the dirt: if it is food traffic dirt we suggest to use MGP 25, diluted following the specifications
If it is building site dirt, dust or concrete residual, we suggest to use UNICLEAN on natural stone, marble, granite etc. diluted following the specifications.
On porcelain stoneware we suggest to use CER CLEAN ULTRA, diluted following the specifications.

When the surface is clean apply STONE P, using a simple cloth or a low pressure gun if you have a very rough surface, like bush hammered or flamed.
Generally 2 coats of STONE P have to be applied, at a distance of 2 hours one from the other. This product closes the superficial porosity so to prevent foot traffic shoeprints.
In high foot traffic areas the application of the product should be repeated when needed, without creating overlaps or unaesthetic differences.
After this finish with STONE P the surface can be cleaned with MGP 24 or another not aggressive, neutral detergent, because dirt does not penetrate and just a simple cleaning of the floor is needed.

Corrosion stains

  • Some acid descaler fell on the marble in the bathroom. Now there is a whitish spot and the marble lost its polish.
  • Some drops of perfume dropped on the bathroom top and now there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
  • On the bathroom floor, near to the WC, there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.
  • On my kitchen worktop there are some mat stains and the marble lost its polish.

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Colored stains

  • Coffee left a yellow mark on the polished marble of the kitchen worktop.
  • During the polishing process sawdust was left on the surface; while raining, water leaked in and now there are yellow stains on the whole surface.
  • The protective cardboard of the flooring got wet and now there are stains on the surface.
  • Red wine stained the kitchen worktop, now there is a rose-colored mark.
  • Cigarettes tobacco stained the marble of the fireplace and now there is a small yellow stain. .

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